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Tina's Interiors started several years ago with Tina making Interior decorating suggestions to friends and family. It was at their encouragement and the compliments of others that Tina decided to launch out with her own Interior Decorating and Design Company, specializing in comfortable and functional home decor.

This site contains only a few of the many great ideas and concepts Tina has developed for her clients that have made them the envy of all who visit their homes and offices. As you might expect, this makes the overwhelming majority of Tina's new clientele "referrals" from other happy and thrilled customers.

How It Works:

After arranging a convenient time for all concerned, Tina will come to your home, often with an assistant to take photos, and carefully analyze your lifestyle and living environment. Then Tina will retreat to her design studio and begin to work her magic. When ready, Tina will return to your home with her suggestions, plans and cost analysis to fit within your desired budget.

Then the process becomes quite flexible. Either you can take the ball and run with it, or you can have Tina make all the arrangements and purchases for you on your behalf!

Tina coming to your home, (a site survey), is by appointment only and is currently only available to regionally located clientele. Other arrangements can be made should the client require Tina to make further travel arrangements.



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